BBQ Food Catering

It’s summertime and there is only one thing which will ease your hunger: a BBQ. But, there is a lot of preparation which goes into making one and you don’t have the tools. Don’t worry because Summerby’s Catering is here to help with our range of BBQ food and catering services in Nottingham.

This summer, you can enjoy everything from a juicy steak to a char-grilled piece of chicken at an affordable price. Our barbeque catering has no hidden charges and includes the necessary equipment. From plates and cutlery to napkins and staff, you'll get it all.

You may not go overboard money-wise, but you will have to loosen your belt after tucking into our BBQ food and catering menus.

What’s On The Menu?

We have two set menus which are designed to wow our customers. Choose number one and you’ll get:

- 100% gluten-free beef burgers topped with cheese

- Butcher sausages with fried onions BBQ or Cajun chicken breast

- Veggie burger/sausages with fried onions

- Seasoned wedges with various sauces

- Summerby’s garden salad with dressings

- Pasta in a garlic & tomato sauce

- Crunchy coleslaw, and

- Bread rolls with butter

For those who fancy something a little more expansive, number two comes with:

- Hickory smoked spare ribs

- 100% gluten-free beef burgers topped with cheese

- Butcher sausages with fried onions

- Foil wrapped salmon in white wine and dill

- Halloumi and grilled vegetable skewers V

- Corn on the cob V

- Chips with various sauces

- Jacket potatoes with butter Summerby’s garden salad with dressings

- Waldorf salad

- Mozzarella & tomato salad with basil

- Bread rolls with butter

At £9.95 and £12.95 a head respectively, our BBQ food catering service will fill a hole without the need to splash out. Of course, our customers can create a DIY menu too. Just check out the “Choose your own BBQ” section of the menu to make sure there is something for everyone's tastes.

The Event

Summer may be the perfect time to host a BBQ, yet that doesn’t stop us when autumn and winter roll into town. Why? It’s because we provide a BBQ food catering option for the majority of our services. Whether it’s a summer party or a corporate event, we’ll bring our locally sourced and freshly picked produce to your door.

We are even happy to add a new twist to a classic with our wedding catering option. If you prefer something more hands-on on your big day, don’t be afraid to call us.

About Us

With three decades of experience in the business, we are sure we can deliver big results on the day. Big or small, we’ll turn up in the morning and not leave until the last guest has eaten. You can see from our gallery pictures that we have a passion for food and want to make sure your BBQ food catering service in Nottingham is on target. Our 5* hygiene award only proves the point.

So, call or email us now or visit the website for details and a consultation.

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