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At Summerby’s Catering - Corporate Caterers in Nottingham - we believe that food is a tool for business. It’s something that you can use to entertain your clients, build relationships with new colleagues, and inspire hard work and teambuilding at your firm. Whatever it is that you do, whatever your purpose, we have a menu for you.

Corporate Caterers In Nottingham

When you’re entertaining people at your business, it’s imperative that you make an excellent impression. You don’t want guests to walk away from their interactions with you hating the food. It could ruin the occasion, and your business could miss out.

With us, you get exceptional corporate catering in Nottingham every time. With our wide selection of food, freshly prepared dishes and professional presentation, you’ll not only fill your guests’ stomachs but wow them too.

Why Businesses In Nottingham Love Our Corporate Catering

Tailored Menus

Tailoring menus is essential - it helps to give you more choice and target the dietary preferences of the people in attendance at your event. Choosing food that they will like can help show that you understand them and that you care about what they like. You can discuss with us your personalised menu plan to get the precise experience that you want.

Locally-Sourced Ingredients

We don’t believe in shipping ingredients overseas from other countries. Where possible, we source ingredients locally. Not only does this make the food taste great but it also helps to improve the local economy and build local businesses.

Experience In Delivering Exceptional Corporate Catering

A lot of businesses like to offer catering services to their customers in the hope of making a bit of extra money. For us, though, catering is our profession: not just something we do on the side. With us, you get a reliable, dependable and scalable service that can meet all your catering requirements, whether you need finger food for a business meeting or something more extravagant for a corporate away day.

Our Mobile Carvery Can Come To You

People love mobile carveries. Not only is the food fresh, but there’s an element of theatre about them as highly trained chefs carve roasted meats prepared traditionally.

Affordable Prices

Businesses know that to turn a profit, they have to keep costs under control. Although some caterers can charge a premium, we focus on making our service as affordable as possible. With us, you can provide your guests with an all-star service without cutting into your budget.

Excellent Reviews

Don’t take our word for it: see what other businesses have said on our publicly available review page on Facebook.

Choose Summerby’s Corporate Catering Today

At Summerby’s we have more than three decades of experience serving companies like yours. With us, you get a reliable, affordable service that is truly local to the Nottingham area. There are no hidden charges with our services, and you get everything you need for your event, plates, cutlery and serving staff.

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